How to?

Apply for criminal injury compensation

If you have been affected by a violent crime which took place within the last two years, you might be able to get some money called financial compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or guardian can apply for compensation for you.

It is important to read through and understand the criminal injuries compensation scheme before you start. The best way to do this is to read through the guide on the GOV.UK website.

The first step is to fill in an online application form. Before you start you will need:

  • Your unique police reference number
  • Contact details for the doctor (if you were treated for your injuries)

Contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

You can apply by contacting the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority helpline on
telephone 0300 003 3601.

Get some help with filling out the form

If you have difficulty with the form or need some help to fill it in, please contact the Victim Care Unit on 01392 475900 or Citizens Advice

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