Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council work with Black and Minority Ethnic individuals and communities from a wide range of backgrounds; this includes Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Eastern Europeans and Gypsy and Travellers. We support individuals and families across a wide range of ages by providing advocacy, advice and information.

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council (PDREC) was established in 1993, obtaining its first funding for a small staff team in 1995. Within the next few years PDREC received charitable status and also became a company limited by guarantee.

The PDREC which exists today is an amalgamation of two local RECs, formerly Plymouth & District REC and Devon & Exeter REC.

Our Vision is to create a county where people from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and faiths have equal life chances and live in mutual respect.

Our Mission Statement: PDREC believes that to build a fair and just society everyone must have an equal chance to live, work and learn free from prejudice, discrimination and racism. It values diversity and works in partnership with individuals and organisations that are also committed to race equality.

PDREC is a partner of the Devon Advocacy Consortium, taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and to get the services they need.

Our three main areas of work are as follows:

* To support and advocate for Black Minority Ethnic (BME) people who have been the victims of racial discrimination, and to help build the self confidence and self esteem of the community

*To promote and disseminate excellent anti-racist work within the predominately white population of Plymouth

* To influence and enhance local corporate strategic policies and to make policies and services more appropriate for the needs of the BME community.

Our mission statement is underpinned by the following set of values:

- We believe that racism and discrimination is abhorrent and has no place in our society; we will therefore take every available opportunity to combat these two evils.

- We will listen respectfully to our clients and enable them to communicate their concerns in an atmosphere of belief and compassion.

- We will work at all times in an ethos of confidentiality, sensitivity and respect for individuals and cultures.

- We will support our clients in their choices and endeavour to empower them to follow their chosen plan of action.

- We will give the BME communities in Plymouth and Devon opportunities to be heard and to express their views to service providers and policy makers.

- PDREC staff will offer a non-judgemental, empathetic approach to all of its clients.

- We will treat all of our clients and colleagues equally, regardless of race, faith, age, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability.


Find out more about the services we offer by clicking the headings below

  1. Hate Crime is a particularly serious crime that can have a significant effect on the quality of life for individuals and communities. Hate Crime has some common characteristics and crimes can be subtle or overt and take various forms: - Physical assualt and violence - verbal abuse and harassment - threats and intimidation, including nuisiance calls, malicious and unfounded complaints - psychological / emotional violence - malicious letters, emails and texts - property damage/graffiti - stalking

  2. If you feel that you were assaulted because of your ethnicity or religion this is defined as Race Hate Crime. PDREC offers on-going support to victims of Race Hate Crime. We can assist individuals and families in a wide variety of ways: Practical support e.g. benefit advice if you are unable to work, referral to counselling services, support through the Criminal Justice system and contact with the Police to ensure that the Race Hate aspect of the crime is taken seriously.

  3. Businesses that are owned/managed by Black and Minority Ethnic individuals and communities are often the targets of Race Hate Crime; this can include physical abuse/violence or threats to you, your family or staff, abusive / racist language, damage to property and mailicious complaints. PDREC can support businesses to report Race Hate Crime to the Police or through third Party reporting.

  4. We work closely with Black and Minority Ethnic people who are experiencing domestic abuse and / or violence including Forced marriage and so called 'Honour Violence'. PDREC can offer additional support to mainstream domestic abuse services and to those who do not feel confident in contacting such services. PDREC can also report an incident to the Police on behalf of someone who does not wish to give their details to the Police or are too afraid to report to the Police.

  5. PDREC offers advocacy, advice and support to clients who have experienced racial harassment or stalking because of their ethnicity or religion.

  6. Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council work with Black and Minority Ethnic individuals and communities from a wide range of backgrounds; they support individuals and families across a wide range of ages by providing advocacy, advice and information.